By Matti Hagelberg

1. Those who have studied the birth of the world more than others, say that it was born from emptiness.

2. And that it waslike an empty and blind bubble and it was surrounded by light all around.

3. But on the surface of the emptiness, objects were moving like objects move on a blind eyeball. And the greatest of those objects was Ohto.

4. And when Ohto moved alone in the darkness, it was hit by another object and when that object hit Ohto, a spark was struck.

5. And that spark lit up the heavenly lights and the flow of time began and the space became visible.

6. And the first age of space is said to be the age of the Sempiternals, as it was then that the Sempiternals awoke from their slumber.
7. And they had slept all through the age of emptiness, but now they were awake and now they traveled in space.

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9. A LONG TIME AGO: In the Kuiper belt there was a giant planet called Giganius where giants dwelled.

10. BUT NOW: There are hundreds of dwarf planets where dwarfs live.

11. What was it that destroyed Giganius?

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